UK And International Projects

International Aid/Development projects:

Educational Classes, Workshops and Long Term Transformational Project Activities to be covered:

  • Female genital mutilation (FGM) and teenage pregnancy
  • Maternal health awareness
  • Literacy skills of reading, writing, numeracy, IT and other media (e.g. photography) resources
  • Fashion design, textile and tailoring
  • Poverty eradication and independent living and financial education awareness.
  • Healthy nutrition, malnutrition, and personal/environmental hygiene practices
  • HIV/STD community support  (The SAVE framework- Safe Practices,
  • Accessing appropriate interventions (drug and non-drug), Verification, Education)
  • Community health resources, early access to healthcare and mortality prevention.  

UK Projects:


Inclusive of sexual and reproductive rights, HIV and AIDS, child and mother’s health, hospitals.

Equality and Faith

Equality, diversity, racial and religious harmony; social inclusion; Christian faith; human, social and economic rights; the Law, Police and crime prevention

business economic finance interprise point of services

Economic and sustainable building and development

Community capacity, economic and sustainable building and development: Occupational welfare, unemployment; financial hardship and poverty prevention and relief; food, land and agriculture; conflicts, conciliation and mediation; natural family planning; urban and rural regeneration; transport; media; commerce, science and technology transfer to projects; networking between international NGOs, universities, rural communities and research organisations globally.

Development education

Development education: Inclusive of pre-primary, primary, post primary, higher, further and University education, research and innovation;

Environment and natural resources

Environment and natural resources: Water and sanitation; animal welfare; environmental conservation; recycling and waste management; museum, art gallery, arts, culture and tourism; sports; and recreational activities;

Disasters prevention and humanitarian support

Disasters prevention and humanitarian support: landless, refugees, displaced people and seeking asylum seekers’ support; Aid, Conflict disaster and emergencies

Be part of a change in the World

An effort made for the happiness of others lifes us above ourselves.