Gratis-Christi Trust (GCT) founded 21 March 2011, is a UK-based national and an international development charitable non-governmental organisation (NGO), limited by Guarantee and no share capital (Incorporation No.07571606). 

GCT’s International Aid/Development projects so far include: Overseas HIV/AIDS awareness, pre-primary, primary, and post-primary education and the Enaikidigha Institute for higher and further education, research  and community development, started October 2012 to benefit some 31 million children, young people and adult beneficiaries of more than 40 ethnic groups in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Gratis’ UK projects  focus on ‘free and low cost professional Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling services since 2011 to people in need.


UK HMRC VAT No.144686488.

UK Companies House: Incorporation No.07571606.

Vision, mission or values statement

Gratis’ international projects tackle causes of  child and adults poverty and deprivation as to engineer small, medium and large scale  long-term transformational social and economic changes to the most disadvantaged people in Africa (especially the Nigerian Niger Delta), Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine), Asia, the UK and elsewhere, irrespective of their ethnicity or beliefs. 

Gratis does not ignore painful emotions of suffering people, but believes in and is committed to visions of a world of peace, happiness and opportunities for solutions against poverty and distress. Gratis’ network target to be present in or impact over 100 nations around the globe to achieve its objectives and vision. Gratis rapidly tries to meet immediate assistance needs of people in disasters and conflict zones.

To ensure value for money, transparency, quality and accountability governance in place that the donors’ funds, income, any profits and properties of the company are applied solely toward the promotion of the objectives.


To promote the business of peace and happiness through the advancement of peace and happiness associated projects (for the public benefit) alone and/or in partnership for and in Africa, emerging and developing nations, United Kingdom, Europe, and other parts of the world.


By equipping Gratis’ project beneficiaries with the resources, facilities, knowledge, skills, lasting solutions and opportunities they require to achieve their basic and long term needs, potentials and social change, then current lives and communities can be positively and sustainably transformed and better future generations guaranteed.



Gratis’ international efforts are in partnership with independent overseas project partnership Governing Council. The Council involves religious, non-religious, non-political and community beneficiaries’ representatives. The Council membership involves: Independent Board of Community Elders, Ex-militants representatives (if any), Women Beneficiaries Council, Young Beneficiaries Council, Projects Development Office of a religious body credible in the local community, Independent Trustees Board of the local collaboration Institute/University, Independent Trustees Board of the local collaborating, and Independent Trustees Board of Gratis-Christi Trust, UK.

Number of staff

Five permanent staff, ten associates, twenty plus specialists from a partnership or linked organizations, and hundreds of volunteers.

Funding sources

Board of trustees, private and public donations. Future funding from EC, DFID/UK Government, Private sector/Corporate funding, investments in social enterprises and management of overseas programmes.

Target beneficiaries

Adults, elderly/ older people, children, and young people/ youth, girls, women, carers and families, farmers, disabled or less privileged people, rural poor, and pastoralists.

Additional information

Project Implementation Partners: (domain active, but site in development). Email:, Enaikidigha Foundation-a Nigerian NGO (Incorporation No.CAC/11/N0 49313). (domain active, but site in development).

Be part of a change in the World

An effort made for the happiness of others lifes us above ourselves.